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guac lover, mama + founder of go-to gal.

My signature approach combines restructuring my clients’ business models, reframing their mindset, and revamping their marketing to position them as the go-to authority, from the inside out! 

Want to build your authority but worried your audience isn’t big enough? 

Does it feel like you are stuck in an echo chamber talking to the same people over and over?

Being a podcast guest is one of the EASIEST and FASTEST ways to get in front of new people, grow your audience, and build your authority! 

And to make it easy-peasy for you, I created the Podcast Guest Plug-N-Pitch System + Strategy with all the training, templates, and scripts you need to get GET BOOKED! (For only $27!) 

The podcast to help you become the go-to authority.

If you are ready to overcome self-doubt, stand out from the crowd, and make bank by growing your brand, this is the show for you!

Through a mix of expert insight, on-air coaching, cultivated advice, and personal stories, we will lead you to becoming to go-to authority in your space.

TikTok Strategies for Lead Generation with Rachel Pedersen

TikTok Strategies for Lead Generation with Rachel Pedersen

Episode #139. How do we use TikTok for business? Part of me feels like an old lady for saying this, but I have the app downloaded on my phone and that’s about it. Rachel Pedersen is stepping in to share how we can create TikTok content that generates high-ticket leads...

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