About Megan Yelaney

Megan Yelaney is a business mentor, podcaster, and speaker whose passion truly lies in helping women build businesses that allow them to thrive in their marriages as much as their bank. She is an expert in unique framework development, something that makes her clients stand out in their niche by being their 100% authentic selves. Meg is also a wife, fur mom to her mini Goldendoodle Luna, actress, and singer, and a die-hard Harry Potter fan. She truly hopes to help as many women as possible build wealth for themselves and their families in a way that lights them up every single day.

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Favorite Quotes

“The beginning of the remodel was realizing something’s gotta give. I just need space to make a plan. And I’m so glad I did it.” – Megan Yelaney

“Everyone goes through creative ruts. It’s just part of it. It’s because you’re probably exhausted and you need space to let all the downloads come.” – Megan Yelaney

“It’s not about the money. It’s about what the money can bring you and the ripple effect it has on other people. It just really came full circle for me and I feel so much happier in this model than I did before. “ – Megan Yelaney

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Building your business model around a deeper purpose that fuels what’s important in your life
  • Indicators to watch out for that says it’s time for a business remodel
  • Going through an audit of what your business actually needs to avoid burnout, anxiety or even the perils of over-remodeling
  • The mindset shift of prioritizing natural talents over ego in doing your business remodel without sacrificing your revenue stream
  • Remodeling your business to create an impact and ripple effect on others

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