About Alessandra Caprice

Alessandra Caprice is an Energetic Business Mastery Coach who has founded a unique combination of business strategy and breathwork in her Money Breathwork method. She is a former private practice psychotherapist who, after 3 years as an online business strategist for mentors, coaches, changemakers, and healers, realized there was something missing from the business growth and development sector.

She believes that in order to advance in business and actually sustain big money months, own their bigness, and make more money, women need to heal their limiting beliefs and money traumas and take off their, what she calls, Armors of Smallness™ while simultaneously expanding into what is possible. She is paving the way for the use of breathwork as a business expansion tool, being one of the first to do so.

She grew her online coaching business to multi-6-figures while having children (3 active kids under 6 and currently pregnant with their fourth) with her husband and prioritizing family life. They currently live in Arizona, and they travel as often as they can.

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Favorite Quotes

“I believe our thoughts are coded by our bodies. So if our bodies are telling us our thoughts, and we’re dropping into our bodies, we have a new awareness of even deeper thoughts.”  – Alessandra Caprice

“I want to show up. I want to be on the big stage. But then there’s that part of me that needs healing, softness, love, and it needs to heal the things that maybe kept me smaller than I could have been. It really honors all parts of you.” – Alessandra Caprice

“Grief is something that we just heal and get over. We hold it, and then we can move and expand. This modality really gives you that opportunity to hold life, to heal the things you need to heal, to function.” – Alessandra Caprice

“We feel safe in being small and not being seen or being at the level where we are at because that’s ‘safe’ and getting bigger is ‘unsafe.’ It’s scary, but being bigger is going to activate you. It’s going to be exciting.” – Alessandra Caprice

“When I refer to breathwork, it’s an exercise that is meant to transform. You become more in touch with your body, you become more regulated. We can talk all about why that’s important in your business and money. But those are by products of the breathwork that I do. The main course is deep transformation.” – Alessandra Caprice

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • The basics of breathwork and how it helps in overcoming limiting beliefs and boosting growth and expansion
  • Why breathwork is transformational and how money is the product of this deep transformation
  • Defining “bigness” vs the armors of “smallness”
  • The context and conceptualization of “Money Breathwork”
  • How to heal traumas without getting stuck
  • Journaling, meditation, and breathwork and how they differ
  • Steps to take when you want to engage in breathwork

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