About Kimberly Crossland

Kimberly Crossland is the founder of Roadpreneur and Cruisin’ + Campfires, two companies designed to keep families together and living in freedom through travel and entrepreneurship. The goal of both businesses is to inspire meaningful change through the power of a strategic, thoughtful approach to life and business. In her free time, you can find her looking for a new adventure together with her two boys.

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Favorite Quotes

“Time freedom, being disconnected from your phone, and not sacrificing life for work is something I want to build.” – Jaclyn Mellone

“Disappointment usually stems from missed expectations. Shift those expectations and establish that clear communication that allows us to be on the same page and have those healthy boundaries.”  – Jaclyn Mellone

“If you can have an approach where you set up your business to do things like batch blogging, you can now plan one day a month to write all this. As a result, having recurring revenue is critical. But limit when and how you’re showing up.” – Kimberly Crossland

“A lot of times, what we don’t realize is that the recurring revenue concept can be translated in a way that it’s more of a funnel concept, and that requires you to really adopt the customer journey map and really understand what that customer journey looks like.”  – Kimberly Crossland

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Time freedom as a core desire for entrepreneurs
  • Setting up recurring and diversifying revenue 
  • Automating and systematizing your business while you’re on the road
  • Choosing platforms that align with your business’s values and goals
  • Systems to build your lifestyle business
  • How streamlining processes can make life easier
  • Models to strengthen business stability

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