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Tracy Sherriff is a coach who helps entrepreneurs, experts, and service-based professionals scale their businesses online. Her podcast, Scale Your Course, focuses on helping her audience in the process of designing and delivering impactful learning experiences for their tribe.

A lifespan educator, with experience teaching and consulting learners from birth through adulthood, Tracy has a background rooted in early childhood education and an MA in Education from Central Michigan University, where she developed extensive knowledge, specifically in the area of adult education. Her expertise guides her work with clients to ensure the curriculum of their courses and online programs are effectively designed and ready to be efficiently delivered for maximum impact.

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Favorite Quotes

“When people get into your course and struggle, we can’t always figure out the reasons why. There are gaps and all kinds of things are going on there. But what it has a lot to do with is planning. We need to really, intentionally think this through, pause a bit, stop rushing our products out into the space, and follow the process of getting a product out and testing it.” 

“There can be gaps in motivation. There are so many places where people might get stuck in the process. When we look more deeply at our audience, the problem, and the solution, we realize that sometimes what we think they need isn’t what they actually need.”

“I have probably realized as a learner that frameworks really helped me make sense of information that’s being given.”

“Course and content creators stop at the knowing and understanding. They want to give lots of information,  but they don’t necessarily create objectives or outcomes that are actually applying that information.”

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Lack of planning results in the learning and motivating gaps in the course 
  • The beauty of teaching a course live
  • How to avoid the slap-it-together methodology
  • Hot seats, Q&As, and other facilitation tools to have in your arsenal
  • Why having an empathy map is key
  • Building out a curriculum with flexibility
  • How frameworks enhance information for learning
  • Identifying potential barriers to action (and how to remove them)

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