Episode #127. We’re in an industry where everyone’s expected to be a teacher, but teaching doesn’t always come naturally. Without any education on education, even experts struggle to design profitable programs. The question is—how do you create content that will help your audience learn best? 

Whether you’ve acted as a teacher in your business before or you’ve never taught a single thing, you’ll learn from the very knowledgable Tracy Sherriff how to share your insights and skills in a smart and strategic way your audience will eat up. You might come away from this episode ready to create a new business model or perfect one you’ve already got!

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Why becoming a better teacher will help you create a profitable program
  • The easy-to-make mistake you might make when creating a course
  • How being hyper-focused on who your program is for can make or break the results
  • Smart ways to cater to the different learning styles of your audience
  • Tracy’s framework for turning your expertise into a program
“You can’t create a program for everyone. You have to create a program with one person in mind.”

Favorite Quotes:

“You can’t create a program for everyone. You have to create a program with one person in mind.”

“As entrepreneurs, we know how important it is to know our audience well, but interestingly, we still miss this when it comes to design a course or program.”

“You might have forgotten that you have skills someone might need to be taught how to do.”

Discussed on the Show:

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More About Tracy:

Tracy is an online teaching strategist who helps service-based entrepreneurs with group programs elevate client experience to accelerate client results. She is a lifespan educator and leader in her niche with over 25 years of experience working first with young children and expanding into teaching adults. She currently teaches and supports the learning of others in local colleges, nonprofit settings, and in the online entrepreneurial space.

Her experiences include teaching face to face classes, teaching and facilitating in a hybrid online/face to face model, and teaching in stand-alone online courses and programs. Her focus with her business is on ensuring she can help others reach all learners utilizing her knowledge of brain science, teaching and learning theory, and professional practice to set the stage for student or client success.

Tracy recently completed a Master of Arts degree in education which focused on teaching the adult learner. It has been her mission to not only teach but teach better by developing her skills in instructional design and student and community engagement.

Tracy currently utilizes 1:1 service to serve her clients and is also transitioning to offering service-based entrepreneurs the opportunity to work with her in a group program format.

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