Episode #97. Ready for another piece of the visibility puzzle? Creating content that helps you build authority can be confusing and a huge time suck, so I’m sharing what I call the TEA Method. Fire up the podcast and uncover how you might need to shift your marketing strategy this year!

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How your marketing strategy needs to change this year
  • What your customers are really looking for in a brand
  • How to create content that builds authority and creates relationships
  • The right way to show realness and authenticity online
  • How to infuse authority into your content
In this day and age, building know, love, and trust is not enough.

Favorite Quotes:

“In this day and age, building know, love, and trust is not enough.”

“People are not looking for the best of the best. They’re looking for someone who is qualified, who is that branded authority, but who they have a relationship with.”

“Just because they don’t see you as the authority does not mean you’re not the authority. It does mean you haven’t taken the time to show them you are the authority.”

Discussed on the Show: