Episode #14. Having your best month ever feels amazing, right? Well, it does until you start to wonder, “What if this never happens again?!” Oh yes, we’re all familiar with this little fear and the scarcity mindset that starts to take over after an awesome month.

To overcome this obstacle and keep moving forward so your next month is a best month too, you’re going to need to have these mindset shifts. Tune in to learn how to conquer those limiting beliefs and have your best month again and again!

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • What scarcity and abudance look like in your business.
  • How to know exactly when you’re in a scarcity mindset.
  • The sneaky reason why you have your worst month ever after your best month.
  • Why you take on non-dreamy clients and how to get back to your ideal
  • The negative side of protecting yourself from disappointment and failure.

Go-To Gal Podcast With Jaclyn Mellone

Favorite Quotes

“An abundance mindset sounds like, ‘What if every month was my best month ever?!’”

“Get your freaking hopes up! Because if you’re not willing to get your hopes up, what are you willing to do?”

“The reason for the feast and famine cycle as entrepreneurs is that we unconsciously self-sabotage ourselves after our very best months because we’re literally freaking out our brain.”

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