Episode #125. It can be dangerous to look at the world through your own perspective so much that you don’t realize what other perspectives and experiences are out there. It is so crucial that we now take a step back to look at things from beyond our own perspective.

Joining us for this conversation is Lauren Gill of Power Publicity. She’s sharing what businesses are doing wrong (and right) in taking a stand to end violence against Black men and women. Lauren discusses what we can do to make a commitment toward this movement and take action rather than just following social media trends. Listen now to take your next step toward a better future for everyone.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Where brands go wrong addressing the Black Lives Matter movement
  • How you can go beyond following trends to take action 
  • The key to avoiding a performative stance and actually making change
  • Why it’s important to show your commitment to the Black community
  • What to do when you say something wrong and why your response matters
The biggest thing is making a true commitment and being consistent about it.

Favorite Quotes:

“The biggest thing is making a true commitment and being consistent about it.”

“We have to figure out who we want to be after this. It’s not easy work, but it’s something we have to be willing to do if we want to be better.”

More About Lauren:

Lauren Gill is a publicist, brand strategist, and entrepreneur with a creative mind to bring ideas to life. Lauren stumbled upon her love for public relations as a teenager while watching Beyonce’s publicist interact with her on MTV’s show Diary.

Over the course of her career, Lauren has worked with top brands and events such as Sony Music Entertainment, University of Maryland, the Hip Hop Film Festival, American Black Film Festival, the New Day Campaign, and more.

With a passion for entertainment and an entrepreneurial spirit, Lauren started Power Publicity in 2013. Power Publicity offers branding, marketing, and public relations services that help entertainment, nonprofit, and lifestyle brands to increase their awareness, influence, and revenue. Power Publicity’s clients have been featured in BET, Rolling Out magazine, the Source, ABC News, Buzzfeed, Radio One, Hot 97, and more.

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