Episode #203. Fulfillment is one of those words that’s thrown around a lot, but what does it really mean? The idea of fulfillment can sound kind of fluffy, but it’s a real feeling and something we need when we get into corners of our business that don’t light us up as much. Here to help us navigate the mysterious idea of fulfillment is Cass McCrory.

In this episode, you’ll get real actionable steps you can take to feel more fulfilled in your personal and professional life. Press play to turn the ambiguous idea of fulfillment into a daily occurrence!

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How to shift goal-getting into alignment with joy
  • The trick to finding what will help you truly recharge
  • Why pinpointing your values will help you find daily fulfillment
  • How to narrow down 500 values into the few you live by
  • Steps you can take to turn your values into fulfillment
It’s great to have bigger ambitions, but I'm no longer willing to sacrifice daily joy for some bigger joy payoff that may come in the future.

Favorite Quotes

“It’s great to have bigger ambitions, but I’m no longer willing to sacrifice daily joy for some bigger joy payoff that may come in the future.”

“I’m going to do what is joyful that is in alignment with my personal values. I’m going to prioritize that. Then I’m going to see how these amazing things I once wished for can come into being without me efforting the whole way.”

“It’s all about just starting and saying, ‘I desire to have a really fulfilling, joyful life.’ Just start with that desire. By the way, you deserve it.”

More About Cassandra:

Cass McCrory is a sought-after marketing strategist, speaker, and trainer advising large enterprises and individuals as they take their message and products to their target audience. Cass is passionate about doing work and life with great intention and that intentionality leads to fulfillment and success for projects and most importantly for people.

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