Episode #95. As an interior designer and coach for creative entrepreneurs, Tobi Fairley has lots of brilliant insights for us today! This conversation runs the gamut from changing industries to financial mistakes and even her best tips on designing your home office. Tune in now for inspiration around your industry and workspace!

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How Tobi melds her work as an interior designer with her coaching business
  • Why taking traditional offline businesses online can be to your advantage
  • Where to turn your attention when your industry begins to shift
  • What happens where you start putting a price tag on yourself
  • The simple, yet powerful financial exercise that will uplevel your money mindset
  • How to set up your home office for success from productivity to prettiness
  • Why you don’t need one dedicated work zone – hello freedom!

Favorite Quotes:

“No matter what creative industry you’re in, there is such a need for your knowledge and intellectual property.”

“We’re all experiencing these shifts in our industries and we’re going to keep having these evolutions.”

“When you’re feeling the frustration of bumping up against a glass ceiling, it’s the perfect time to go, ‘Oh, ok. Here’s an opportunity.’”

More About Tobi:

Tobi is an interior designer, business consultant, certified life and health coach, and product designer. She helps smart, talented interior designers and creatives say no to “busy” and create a business and life they love by putting the right things first in order to take the stress out of everyday life.

Aside from a successful design firm and a fabric and furnishing lines, Tobi also created training programs for design professionals and entrepreneurs. She is truly passionate about helping her clients discover how to feel at home within themselves and to live into their goals.

Find Tobi: