Episode #139. How do we use TikTok for business? Part of me feels like an old lady for saying this, but I have the app downloaded on my phone and that’s about it. Rachel Pedersen is stepping in to share how we can create TikTok content that generates high-ticket leads and impressive income. Rachel is a savvy social media strategist and TikTok enthusiast who’s seeing explosive growth from this mystery of a platform. Listen now for her insights on creating engaging content (no dancing required) and growing your audience on TikTok and beyond.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How TikTok can actually lead to increased revenue
  • The 4 E’s of creating content for your business on TikTok  
  • Why TikTok isn’t just for dancing in a bikini – hello evergreen educational content!
  • How to use TikTok to grow your audience on other platforms
  • What kind of entrepreneurs will really thrive on TikTok
  • How experimenting on social media can make you more authentic everywhere
“You don’t have to dance. You don’t have to be funny. You don’t have to approach TikTok any one way.”

Favorite Quotes:

“At first, everyone said, ‘Please don’t waste time on TikTok during the day. It’s such a distraction.’ Today, it’s an absolutely integral part of our brand. We see a direct correlation between our revenue and profit.”

“Even if only 1,000 people see your [TikTok] video that’s 1,000 prospects that down the road could become customers. But a lot of these videos end up reaching hundreds of thousands of people, which is way more than any other platform.”

“You don’t have to dance. You don’t have to be funny. You don’t have to approach TikTok any one way.”

More About Rachel:

“The Queen of Social Media” – Founder and CEO of The Viral Touch, Full-time Social Media Consultant and Strategist, Founder and CEO of Social Media United.

Rachel is a top social media marketer and consultant, worldwide viral sensation, leading authority on storytelling through social media and Facebook ads.

Rachel’s journey began in 2016 while working in her 9-5 (actually, it was an 8-5) day job. Within 6 months she replaced her income and built a clientele that she loved working with. 

Rachel is also a mother to 3 beautiful children and wife to her supportive husband!

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