Episode #89. Prepare yourself for a deep dive. Angela Lauria is here to totally change your perspective when it comes to being controversial, hiring a kick-a** team and getting stuff done. I love the depth and breadth of this conversation and can’t wait to hear your takeaways.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • The accountability key that led 99% of Angela’s clients to finish writing their books
  • A unique perspective to get out of writer’s block and into flow
  • How to hire people who get the job done even better than you would
  • Why being controversial is key to growing your team and your business
  • How to know if a potential employee will be a good fit based on this one thing

It's your responsibility to create a safe space for your inner-author to come out.

Favorite Quotes:

“Your circumstance has nothing to do with why you aren’t finishing.”

“People don’t work for money. If they’re aligned with their mission, they’ll do a better job than you would in that role.”

“It’s your responsibility to create a safe space for your inner-author to come out.”

More About Angela:

As the founder of The Author Incubator™, Dr. Angela E. Lauria has helped over 1,000 authors-in transformation write, publish, and promote their books. Angela is the author of Make ‘Em Beg To Work For You, Make ‘Em Beg to Be Your Client, Make ‘Em Beg to Publish Your Book, The Incubated Author, and The Difference. She has a B.A. and an M.A. in Journalism and Media Affairs from The George Washington University and a PhD in Communications from The European Graduate School.

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