Episode #68. If you feel like you’re ready to scale your business – or – you’re just really overwhelmed and looking for ease, chances are you could use better operations. In this episode, we’re joined by one of my favorite gals, operations expert Natalie Gingrich.

Most corporations have a Chief Operating Officer, but small businesses don’t! The problem is, our businesses are full of processes too. Tune into this conversation to learn the easy way to clean up your operations, the certification business model you’ll want to do consider, and why it can be a simple process to bring more ease into your business.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How Natalie started a business by relating her corporate background to the online world
  • Why Natalie chose to add certifications to her business offerings over a course
  • The benefits of offering certification to women who want to do what you do
  • What starting a podcast has done for Natalie’s business—it’s powerful!
  • The major sign that you need more systemized operations in your business
  • What you can do right now to clean up your processes and bring in more with ease
  • How creating frameworks in your business can be super simple

Favorite Quotes:

“Service providers think they’re exempt from all the things course creators do.” 

“You don’t need celebrity clients to make your business.” 

“Think about your email list like an event. Connect with people in a one on one way.”

The reason these women are giving up is because they lack the systemized piece that corporate has.

More About Natalie:

Natalie Gingrich is the founder and host of The Ops Authority. She has been in operations for two decades – either in healthcare, corporate America or as an entrepreneur. Her goal is to bridge the gap and overwhelm when it comes to processes and systems, growing a team, and setting up solid business foundations. She spent 15 years in corporate operations and leadership at a Fortune 150 company. When given the opportunity to leave, she put the knowledge, certifications, and experience to work by creating her own consulting firm as well as a certification. She developed the Director of Operations certification to equip existing ops experts a flexible profession, outside of corporate but still playing a huge role in small businesses globally.

Find Natalie: