• As an expert, it’s important to know that your role as an expert is that you can diagnose and solve people’s problems.
  • There are times when you need to go to experts to solve problems because what I find more than anything is that people are trying to solve the wrong problem.
  • Actually solving the right problems will help you grow your business.
  • Marketing isn’t always the problem.
  • If it’s not working at the scale you’re at now, growing that is not going to help.
  • It’s not that what you’re selling isn’t valuable. But it starts with talking about it, packaging it in a way that people know that they need it. And this is where I see so many people going wrong and that they’re going out and chasing after more, more, more, more of all these different things.
  • Entrepreneurs are focused on these other things but they’re not really focused on their offer.
  • Sometimes you just got to take that very same exact thing that you’re offering that’s amazing, but that you’re putting in front of the wrong people. And you don’t necessarily need more people. You just need different people.
  • We have much better perspective on other people’s businesses than our own.
  • Is the problem the marketing or is the problem the offer? That’s what we’re trying to figure out here.
  • If you’re not converting at a small scale, converting at a big scale is not gonna happen. You’re just not gonna convert more people but you’re gonna spend a lot of money trying to get there. Figure this out on a small scale and then you can take it big.


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