Episode #192. As entrepreneurs, we often have our focus on the financial and occupational aspects of life. Marissa Lawton is here to shed light on the entire wellness wheel and how we can use our freedom as business owners to bring greater wellness into our lives. From why we need to schedule wellness days to strategies for creating balance in our businesses, this episode has everything you need to act with intention and fill your wellness cup.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How to use your purpose to guide the kind of business you’re building
  • What Marissa’s schedule looks like supporting students in a group program 
  • How entrepreneurs can use freedom to fill all their wellness needs
  • The ‘Wheel of Wellness’ exercise you need for your next wellness day
  • What it looks like to build wellness into your business and life
We're building our business to scale for the time freedom, financial freedom and location freedom that online business 
can give us but we don't know 
what to do with that freedom.

Favorite Quotes

“We’re building our business to scale for the time freedom, financial freedom and location freedom that online business can give us but we don’t know what to do with that freedom.” 

“When you’re 80% there, you’ve got to jump and then figure it out. You’re going to make pivots and adjustments based on what you find, but you have to have findings to evaluate. We don’t want to be stuck in action with no reflection, and we don’t want to only be reflecting and not acting.”

“A lot of us think of legacy in terms of generational wealth and that kind of thing, but there’s also an emotional legacy. Sure, you might pass down the wealth that you made from your business, but what’s the emotional legacy? How are your family, children and other people going to remember you emotionally? What’s the spiritual legacy you’re leaving? If you were to leave an impression on people, what is that impression?”

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More About Marissa:

Marissa Lawton is a former licensed psychotherapist and current champion for intentional living.

After six years in the online space, building an education company, and helping over 100 students launch their own signature programs, Marissa has realized that most entrepreneurs aren’t walking their talk.

They may have built their online businesses to create more time and lifestyle freedom, but often all they’ve done is simply trap themselves in another job.

And she’s on a mission to change that.

By helping online business owners slow down, step away from the shoulds, and cultivate more magical moments in their lives, Marissa aims to help them hone in on the legacy they actually want to leave in the world.

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