Episode #88. Are your goals focused on building momentum in your business? If so, you might be skipping this one vital step to get the ball rolling on the right path to success. In this episode, you’ll learn the essential ingredient to achieving your big goals and the questions you can ask right now to begin.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • The underlooked way to build momentum in your business
  • What to do when you’re looking at your goals for next year that will transform the process
  • The mindset leap you need to make when you’re going after big goals
  • How to use this mindset tweak if you want to raise your rates
  • The key to creating a new belief you actually believe in
Momentum is not just about strategy and execution.

Favorite Quotes:

“Momentum is not just about strategy and execution.”

“Who do I need to be in order to achieve this goal?”

“Are your goals really about creating momentum or are they just doing more of what you’re doing?”