Episode #131. I have struggled with procrastination my entire life. While having a team helps a lot, I still have days where I struggle to get myself to do the work I need to do. Here to help is the go-to coach for procrastinators, Cristina Roman. I know you’re going to love her right away because she’s here for all of us. Even those of us who have tried everything.

Procrastinators and non-procrastinators alike will learn how to reframe challenging tasks, get into flow and do the work you know you need to do. Listen now to tackle your most difficult to-do list items at last!

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Surprising ways you avoid your emotions and how to uncover the root cause 
  • The antidote to procrastination and how to access it without getting stuck in your head
  • Why going into flow is challenging for some tasks and easy for others
  • How to reframe tasks you procrastinate – my mind was blown!
Procrastination isn’t a character flaw or shortcoming. It’s just an action that stems from a feeling. It’s solvable.

Favorite Quotes:

“Deep work is the antidote to procrastination. It’s the opportunity to use the prefrontal planning part of your brain to do the hard, uncomfortable thing.”

“You don’t have to believe that something is easy to do it. It can be really hard. You are amazing and successful. Of course, you can do it.”

“Procrastination isn’t a character flaw or shortcoming. It’s just an action that stems from a feeling. It’s solvable.”

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More About Cristina:

Cristina is a Washington, DC-based Certified Life Coach. She helps distracted, rushed, overwhelmed mid-career entrepreneurs and corporate professionals free up their time and energy, so that they can finally refocus on that thing they’ve put on the back burner. If you’re a hoarder of half-finished projects that you’d love to finally complete, she’s your girl. She half-jokes that she’s the Cross Legged Coach; her goal is always to keep things casual but wildly impactful for her clients.

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