Episode #62. How afraid are you to go live on a scale from 1-10? Am I hearing some ‘scared-out-of-my-mind’ 10s out there? Gals, if there’s one woman who’s going to help us go live, it’s Michelle Sorro. This extraordinary woman is a phenomenal live media strategist with a load of accomplishments. From hosting a regular segment on Extra to building multiple six-figure businesses with live media, Michelle is a treasure chest of wisdom on going live. Listen now for insights into vulnerability, going live, and chasing your big dreams.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How Michelle got into TV sales and the business insights she’s gained from it
  • Why Michelle moved from VP of Business Development to host a segment on air
  • How Facebook Live can change your business and your life *cue vulnerability*
  • The mindset trick Michelle uses to get over perfectionist tendencies and go live
  • Why going live will make you more confident and how to press that blue courage button!

Using Facebook Live, you'll become more confident not just on video, but also in your life.

Favorite Quotes:

“I learned to own myself and really master who I am in real life and on live TV.”

“Nobody is looking for perfection. Everybody is looking for real.”

“Using Facebook Live, you’ll become more confident not just on video, but also in your life.”

More About Michelle:

Michelle Sorro is a Live Media Strategist. She helps rising online experts and entrepreneurs transform their lives and impact.

Michelle is the founder of the Live Video Academy, TV Retail Host, Speaker, and host of The Fire and Soul podcast, a Top 10 in Self-Development. She’s a published author on the topic of gratitude, has meditated with the Dalai Lama, and literally walked on fire.

She hosts the “Pop-Up Shop” on Emmy winning entertainment news show, Extra — a weekly segment dedicated to hooking up fans with lifestyle deals.

Michelle has collaborated with world-class speakers and coaches and launched a popular podcast. She’s also had the honor of impacting thousands of lives and creating a thriving community of beautiful souls from all around the world who are doing live videos every day.

Her wealth of experience and radical transformation has led Michelle to realize that mindset is everything. And this is the same mindset that she brings to the table with every client she works with.

Find Michelle: