Episode #8. Do you feel kinda stuck in your current business model? Are you feeling that what got me here won’t get me there? Maybe you’re really ready to scale, and you just don’t see how that is even possible with the way you’re currently running your business. Maybe you fell out of love with the work that you’re doingSure I’m making money, but maybe it’s not the thing that you really set out to do. What do you really want to be doing? Where do you really want to be spending your days? Part of being an entrepreneur is growing and evolving. If we stay still, we stay stuck! It seems like everybody has a course, and it seems like that is the way to do it! Not anti-course, but I don’t think that most of the people that are launching courses should be launching courses.


  • Courses are best designed for entrepreneurs who:
    • Have a large audience. When you’re launching a course, you’re gonna want to have a big audience to be able to really have it be worth your time and energy.
    • You have a team to support you.
    • A solid lead Generation System. In order to hit your goals you need to be really having solid leads coming in consistently.
    • Have a budget for ads, either hire someone to do that, or you do them yourself.
    • You have already been able to give to several people the result that you’re promising in the course. Just because you know how to do something, does not mean that you can just pull all that information out of your head and turn it into a course. Definitely make sure you’re helping people get that result in a smaller setting before turning it into a course.
  • Exceptions:
    • You are friends and well connected with industry leaders or people who do have big audiences.
    • If you have an audience, maybe not a large audience, maybe not 10,000 people on your email list, but you have an audience and you want to launch a course as an intro offer.
    • To do a small intro offer as a down sell
  • Other Strategies than courses:
    • Raise your rates. Most of the time you’re under charging and overworked.
    • Shift your ideal client.
    • If you have a service-based business, so I’m saying this if you’re offering a done-for-you or if you’re offering one-to-one. You are not wanting to go to a one-to-many offer yet, but you want a scalable offer.

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