Episode #30. Have Facebook Ads been kicking your butt? Think Facebook’s reach is officially dead? Get ready, gals! Amanda Bond is sure to convince you otherwise! Amanda, founder of The Ad Strategist, believes that Facebook is very much alive and well.

On this episode, Amanda and I discuss how she transformed her agency business, the ups and downs of her journey, and why she encourages entrepreneurs to choose their own way. Plus, Amanda addresses lies about Facebook and provides tips on how to intentionally serve your clients with purpose. Enjoy!

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Amanda’s initial online course launch without a sales page
  • The benefits of runway revenue when properly designing a course
  • Common lies entrepreneurs believe about Facebook’s reach
  • Why entrepreneurs need to stop focusing on how everyone else is doing it
  • How one-on-one work with a client is equivalent to getting paid for market research
  • The mindset shift essential to maintaining the longevity of a business
  • Why it’s so crucial to try and fail over and over again
  • The big impact that online friendships have made on Amanda’s life

Favorite Quotes:

“You don’t have to do it the way that everyone tells you to do it to be successful. You can choose your own way.”

“We need to stop focusing on the shiny objects and start scaling the unscalable things in our business to collect the insight to do the market research to see what people are resonating with.

“Stop making it about you and start being the leader for the transformation you’re trying to create for other people.”

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