Episode #138. Hilary Porta is a mindset expert, generational shifter, shame slayer and Advanced PSYCH-K® Practitioner. What exactly does that mean? Hilary helps people create the lives they want by rewiring their subconscious. I went through this process with Hilary myself and I can’t even put into words how transformational this was for me. In this conversation, I invited Hilary to break down the rewiring process and share how recoding your brain can change everything. Listen now if you’re ready to deconstruct those limiting beliefs you have hanging around in your brain!

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • The intriguing tool Hilary uses to recode subconscious limiting beliefs
  • How transformational it can be to re-wire your brain and change your reality
  • The key to figuring out what you have subconsciously holding you back
  • Habits you can create in your life to hack your brain at any time
  • How to get out of your head and manage an anxiety attack

Favorite Quotes:

“Our subconscious is just data. It documents everything and so that becomes our belief system.”

“We tell ourselves these lies like, ‘I’m not worthy.” and ‘I’m just not as smart.’ You can name a million different what ifs. That’s the thing with the limiting beliefs. You’ve talked yourself into them so much that they become hardwired into your subconscious.”

“If you gain deep clarity, know what your strengths are, know what things are going to cause you to go sideways and fall in love deeply with yourself, you become so powerful.”

More About Hilary:

Leaving behind a successful career as a corporate strategist, Hilary has spent the last decade diving deep into neuroscience, neuro-linguistic programming, cognitive behavior, industrial psychology, theology, and Advanced PSYCH-K® to help people rewire the software of their minds so they can experience radical growth in their personal lives and relationships.

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