Episode #20. If there’s one thing you need to know about mindset, it’s this—mindset isn’t one and done. And it’s not just for new entrepreneurs either. Gals, on this episode, I’m sharing my own mindset journey around video. I’m getting real with the struggle here and how you and I can both overcome mindset blocks around anywhere that’s giving us resistance.

Even if you have no problem with video (you go, girl!), you might just relate to this feeling of resistance that can keep you from being the best you for your biz. I hope to inspire you to look at your own challenge, whatever it may be, and jump way the heck over that mindset block. Tune in now to get started with your next jump forward!

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • The big procrastination problem that revealed a major mindset block
  • My real, vulnerable insecurities around video—that have nothing to do with weight!
  • How to find resistance in your business that may be hiding a mindset problem
  • My promise to ramble, show up, and be accountable for overcoming struggles
  • What to do as a perfectionist overcoming mindset hurdles

Favorite Quotes

“What have you been avoiding that maybe if you weren’t avoiding it, then you would be feeling that resistance?”

“Perfectionism is getting in the way of you sharing your heart.”

“If we’re going to continue growing, we have to keep our hearts open and find where perfectionism is getting in the way of our dreams.”

Discussed on the Show:

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