Episode #221. Thinking about launching a new offer or even a whole new business? Wanting to scale but beyond frustrated about being the bottleneck? Or just oh so ready to get out from the daily grind and step into CEO status? You are precisely why we had Abbey Ashley come back on the Go-To Gal podcast! 

Abbey, founder of The Virtual Savvy, has scaled her business from being a virtual assistant to building a company that brings in $3M+ ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) with a team of 20 fully remote employees! BUT AND…she is about to launch HelloSavvy, a new freelancer marketplace. 

Abbey is here to share with us the ins and outs, the messy middle, and behind the scenes of how she is juggling it all in real-time! 

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • What it looks like to scale your team and drop your workload down to a fraction of the size. 
  • Behind the scenes with how Abbey is keeping her ‘bread and butter’ business running and growing, while preparing to launch something new. 
  • Discipline vs distraction, what it actually looks and feels like
  • The key trait Abbey looks for in her team members
  • How to build a team culture that supports your business mission, even if everyone is working remotely

Favorite Quotes

“When business starts to get boring, that’s when you can make something really magical happen. But so many of us just quit because they think it’s not their passion anymore. When business gets boring, it’s starting to get repeatable, which means it can be processed and you can now have systems for the business to run itself.”

“By choosing my swim lanes in the business, I chose the things that really did give me life.”

“It’s not always going to be comfortable to operate inside of your values. It’s going to grate against you at times. But at the end of the day, it’s truly what you believe and how you want to treat people.“

Mentioned on the Show:

More About Abbey:

Abbey Ashley is a passionate online educator, multi-7-figure business owner, and influencer in the work-from-home space.

In 2016, she started her online business journey as a virtual assistant from a used craigslist laptop. She has since built that company to $3m+ ARR. and learned how to position herself as “CEO” through hiring a team of 20+ fully remote employees

Through her free content and paid programs at The Virtual Savvy, Abbey teaches others how to start, grow and scale a virtual assistant business from scratch using her value first philosophy.

At HelloSavvy, a new freelancer marketplace, Abbey helps business owners find mission-minded freelancers through personalized vetting and her signature hiring system built into the platform.

Find Abbey: