Episode #199. As entrepreneurs, it’s in our nature to keep creating new solutions and new businesses, but that also means we can start to feel like a flake sometimes. When you’re multi-passionate, how can you ensure that you’re giving each passion its due time and effort?

In this on-air coaching call with Aubrey Mathis, you’ll learn key mindset shifts to overcome feelings of flakiness, have more confidence telling people what you do outside the online world and deal with criticism of your business. Press play now to kick those flakey feelings goodbye!

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • What’s really behind your thoughts of feeling like a flake
  • Why feeling like a flake is common in entrepreneurs
  • How to talk about your business with friends and family
  • Where to find confidence in sharing what you do
  • What to do when people are critical of your business

Favorite Quotes

“I myself have pivoted umpteen times. Most of us who’ve been around for a while and who’ve had any type of success has pivoted. Entrepreneurs by design want to be starting things and building things. So it’s easy to tell yourself a story about flakiness.”

“Look at yourself through the lens of the people you’re supporting. Take a little bit of that magic and a little bit of that confidence from them and start to see yourself the way they see you.”

“You own and model what it looks like to follow your dreams, take action and put yourself out there. These things are going to help other people. You’re going to change lives by modeling all of that. Now, you just need to own it.”

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More About Aubrey:

Aubrey Mathis is married to a real-life cowboy and can’t even ride a horse. A creative at heart when she was young she had not one but three imaginary friends. Now she serves stressed-out moms just trying their best.

Aubrey Mathis is the wife to a real-life rodeo cowboy, mom of two little women, writer of romance books, creative at heart, and frequently stressed-out mom. Aubrey considers herself a business builder rather than an entrepreneur and it’s her mission to help women go from stressed out moms to moms fulfilled by giving the tips, tricks, and tools to build a business, grow in faith and raise babies. Aubrey will never tell you to have a good day but always tell you to have a happy day!

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