• We can do this differently. This is such a simple system. And money has all of these emotions tied to it.
  • But when we really just sit down and take a breath and recognize that this is how simple money can be, it’s very empowering.
  • Implement Profits First
  • A lot of businesses are profitable. But when we take into account what we really want to be doing in our personal lives, that’s where we tend to sabotage our own business profitability.
  • So by including that into the full system and looking at how can we make sure that we’re living a fulfilled, beautiful life and have everything we need to do that, and have a business that supports that. And a full framework that allows us to see ah, this is where my money is.
  • I incorporate a balance of wealth consciousness and practical tools and systems. Anyone that is able to take an overview look at the money and recognize that it truly is just a pile of cash and we’re organizing it.
  • We’re making sure there’s enough resource for them to be able to do those things they wanna do. Because money’s not good or bad – it’s simply a resource. It’s a neutral thing. And so by talking to these people and learning about what they wanna do like the impact they wanna create because the revenue is directly tied to impact.
  • When you’re ready to look in your numbers and actually sit down with someone and talk about your numbers, it’s like opening your panty drawer. It’s pretty intimate!
  • And to have those conversations and have the courage to say “I’m ready to do something different”, I’m so incredibly blown away and inspired by the people that I work with because they are really good at making money and then they learn to be really good at also keeping it. It’s awesome.
  • I definitely have my own money blocks. We all have them and we always will have them. It’s just becoming more aware of them and recognizing oh, yep, it’s coming up again.
  • The number one thing is I’ve always been my biggest hurdle. A hundred percent, mindset is so incredibly important in recognizing that proceed is a success inevitable.
  • In terms of money mindset, I would say one of the biggest things that I have been continuing to work on is releasing the idea that I have to work really hard to make good money.
  • Having that thought of your impact as a direct tie to revenue and truly releasing the idea that the only way to do it is to work really, really hard  and hustle and make it hard on yourself.
  • I found myself when money was coming too easily to me, actually finding ways to either sabotage it or to make it harder for myself. And it’s amazing how your subconscious is so tied to a certain pattern.
  • Recognizing that one thing that I have total control over is my thoughts. I don’t have control over my circumstance. I don’t have control over anything else other than how I think about that circumstance.
  • All of our expenses are different. Our desires are different. Our list of priorities are different.
  • By tying a revenue goal based on what someone else feels you should be making is incredibly detrimental to your own psyche of thinking about that goal. Because then you start thinking about “Is my service valuable enough to do that?”
  • A lot of times I hear I’m not valuable enough to make that much. We’re invaluable beings. We are absolutely, completely detached with the amount of money we’re making.
  • The business investment is you feel like they’re really good and you feel like you’re getting a return on those investments, having that goal is incredibly powerful. Because then, you are no longer are attached to someone else thought process.
  • Rip the band aid moment – when people go through and calculate this number. It is eye-opening. Either you realize well, I’m hitting right about that or you see it’s way above what you’ve been making. Or you feel like oh, I think that’s possible. It just depends on where you’re at.
  • When you see what that number is, ask yourself, “What did I just put into that number?”
  • Put your goal everywhere all over your house with post-it notes. And embrace it.
  • The first thing that I always recommend is that you view debt with absolute and total gratitude because you would not be where you are right now if you haven’t leveraged in some way.
  • The first thing is, looking at – is this going to get me there faster? Second thing is – if this is going to allow me to actually make more money in the long run? Am I going to get a return on my investments?
  • Well, what I’m noticing more and more as I’ve worked with people is that it’s fascinating to me is the number one reason why there’s stress around money is due to a time line that we do not see as an invisible time line.


More about Amber: Amber Dugger is the founder of Profit For Keeps, a system developed for online entrepreneurs to end the stress and anxiety around numbers. It is a holistic system combining personal finance and business cash flow strategies using Profit First and YNAB (You Need a Budget). She has helped hundreds of coaches implement this system and has helped thousands more calculate revenue goals that actually make sense! She is a certified health coach from IIN and worked in corporate finance for 15 years before venturing out on her own in 2015 and thrives on being location independent. She loves traveling, wine, bicycles, knitting and a good cup of tea (if in England) and coffee (if in Italy). Sweet Life, Purposeful Money is a high vibe community of virtual service based entrepreneurs seeking group to up-level their money game. Join in the fun here!

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