Episode #32. Gals, I have a powerful little insight for your business today. This topic has been coming up a lot with my clients and even my own business and I am so excited to share with you. Because what’s better than a small tweak that makes a big difference in your biz.

If you’re attracting the wrong kind of people or not getting growth on a particular platform, this one is especially for you! Take your business to the next level…without a ton of effort! Listen now.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • If you’re getting crickets from potential clients, THIS is what you need to do
  • What to ask yourself when you’re confused and getting nowhere
  • The critical piece of the sales process you might be missing
  • Why your social media growth could be stalled—and how to get out of your own way!
  • How to be yourself in the sales process, even if you don’t make the sale
  • What piece of the sales process you haven’t mapped out yet that you need to ASAP
  • One action you can take to implement this insight immediately

Favorite Quotes

“If we aren’t showing up and attracting the right people, that’s when we get nightmare clients.”

“Are you waiting until money has exchanged hands to truly be yourself?”

“What is the journey for someone who doesn’t know you at all to becoming a client? How are you interacting with them along the way? How are they getting to know you?”

Discussed on the Show:

Start with Why by Simon Sinek

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