Episode #197. The Enneagram has been one of my favorite personality tests for years and I realized it’s all because of mindset. So much of what I work on with myself and with clients is mindset. The link between Enneagram and mindset is so clearly that our mindset struggles are rooted in childhood experiences — exactly what the Enneagram helps us address.

To help us uncover these mindset struggles we carry into our adult lives and into our businesses is Enneagram Coach Nicole Saunders. In this conversation, we talk how the Enneagram can help us with personal growth, why you might have mistyped yourself as an entrepreneur (we’re both guilty of that too!) and how to dig deeper into this personality test to refresh your mindset.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • When choosing to get a certification can be the right move for you
  • How the Enneagram connects to mindset work and childhood experience
  • Keys to breaking down the Enneagram through your core triad
  • Why you might have mis-typed your Enneagram number
  • How to recognize the need for personal development vs. counseling
There's no one Enneagram type that's best or worst. They're all on an equal playing field. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. The Enneagram is a way to look at that in a way so you can grow.

Favorite Quotes

“There’s no one Enneagram type that’s best or worst. They’re all on an equal playing field. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. The Enneagram is a way to look at that in a way so you can grow.”

“We are raised to be workaholics, to continue to climb the corporate ladder. We are entrepreneurs who hit six figures and think we need to hit seven figures next. We constantly want to chase, but look at the why behind that. A lot of people who have been mistyped as Enneagram 3s are entrepreneurs.”

“I realized through the Enneagram that I thought mindset was about confidence. ‘I have confidence. I can go do anything. I don’t need mindset. Tell me something to do and I’ll go do it.’ But I realized mindset is so much more than that. It’s training your brain on how you see things and not just confidence.”

More About Nicole:

Nicole Saunders is a business coach for female-identify entrepreneurs. She empowers womxn to grow their businesses by tapping into their personalities and strengths. When not working with clients, Nicole can be found hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina with her husband and their three dogs while jamming out to Mumford & Sons. She loves making pottery and is obsessed with personality tests.

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