Episode #29. Do you ever feel like you’re sick of all the pushiness of sales? All the insane funnels that make you want to click over to Netflix and veg out? I don’t feel that way anymore – and that’s because of MemberVault. Mike and Erin Kelly created a technology that’s layered with personalization. And I am so in love with it. I use MemberVault to sell and market in a way that feels good to me!

But we’re not just going to talk about my love for MemberVault. I’m so thrilled to have Mike Kelly on the podcast to talk about how his business evolved and incredible strategies within MemberVault tools that you might not know about (Hello, 80% conversion rate!). If you’re interested in relationship building, business with a personal touch, and marketing strategies that feel good, listen in to this episode!

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How MemberVault began as a project for one client and evolved for thousands of customers
  • The Binge and Buy strategy that builds your audience with an 80% conversion rate
  • MemberVault’s unique tool that keeps your freebies from getting lost among 100s of emails
  • The problem with Beautiful Mind like funnels and how to end the confusion
  • What to do about THIS huge crime commiteed against content creators
  • How to reach hot leads that are checking out your sales page over and over again
  • Mike’s journey from freelancer to employee to stay at home dad to MemberVault
  • Why learning to let go of the desire for validation can be essential to success
  • The feedback challenges MemberVault faced as a self-funded startup
  • Why MemberVault created a free tier even if it meant an immediate financial hit
  • The ‘Second Home’ trick to relationship marketing
  • How to scale your engagement without wasting hours of your time

Go-To Gal Podcast Quote

Favorite Quotes

“The days of having someone sign up to your list and spam then until they unsubscribe or buy, those days are over. It’s all about personalization, knowing who’s on your site or consuming your content.”

“Your users don’t care if the button makes the wiggly thing when you hover over it. That’s nice but they don’t need it. What they care about is your brand.”

“I’m pulled in 20 directions at any time, yet I still have time to personally reach out to people who are super engaged.”

More about Mike:

Co-Founder and CTO of MemberVault. Married to the lovely and talented Erin Kelly (other Co-Founder). Living in Olympia, WA running a completely self funded SaaS company with 2 year old and an 8 month old!

Find Mike: