Episode #57. Jereshia’s mission is to teach everyday side hustlers proven corporate strategies that help them make more money, close more clients, and increase sales. Today she is sharing those strategies with you!

In this episode, Jereshia shares insights from her journey of going from entrepreneurship to corporate and back to entrepreneurship and the strategies she teaches clients to succeed and scale faster than they can imagine. Plus, Jereshia is a live streaming guru! She gets into the nitty, gritty details of bringing on tons of clients through livestream. Tune in now for actionable tips and tricks!

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How to leverage the skills you already have in order to succeed from the beginning 
  • Why you need to get more into livestreaming for your business and how to get started
  • The key to a successful call to action during your livestream
  • How often you should be livestreaming (spoiler: it doesn’t have to be daily!)
  • Why your next step should be raising your rates…not creating a course
  • Jereshia’s process for reposting her content on numerous platforms

Favorite Quotes

“If you’ve ever Facetimed your best friend, you’ve already done a livestream video.”

“The best content that performs is just the most realistic.”

“The more you know your client, the easier it is to speak off the top of your head.”

More About Jereshia:

Jereshia Hawk went from leading $400 Million pipeline projects as an engineer to doubling her corporate salary and quitting her job within the first year of starting her online business. She teaches everyday side hustlers proven corporate strategies to specialize their skillset with a signature service and start their own six-figure-plus business online. She has helped hundreds of students start, grow, and scale businesses that go from generating anywhere from $4,000 to $25,000 a month in less than 9 months.

Jereshia teaches health and business coaches, content creators, designers, and consultants how to sell effectively, serve impeccably, and create consistent income so they can make an impact while earning income online.

She has received national media coverage in numerous print, online and top podcasts including Forbes, Black Enterprise, Diversity Inc, and more. She is a school supply enthusiast and Cold Stone Creamery ice cream lover. She lives in Detroit, Michigan.

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