Episode #214. Paid ads. Click-through rates. Web traffic. There are lots of marketing terms being thrown around and it can be confusing where to put your focus first or what the most important metric is. But how do we really make sure that we get our message in front of the right people at the right time? 

Vix Reitano shares the secret behind great marketing campaigns – and it’s not the tech! She also talks about what every business should actually prioritize: creating impactful change that will leave a lasting legacy to their customers.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Humans, habits and quirks: the keys to connecting
  • What pay-per-click means for your business and growth
  • Converting clicks by actually knowing what your customer needs
  • How SEO can be a short game with the right keywords
  • Where you can get some quick wins and optimize from there
  • Why micro testing your ads works
  • The wonder that is Google tools
  • Why personalization and contextualization is the big trend in content

Favorite Quotes

“You can’t scale if you don’t target.”

“Our mission as a company is to put humanity back into advertising because I’m not looking at the audience as a conversion pixel.”

“When you learn what people are searching for,  you actually have a better sense of what their true objective is and what their true fear is, as opposed to just looking at them as an avatar.”

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More About Vix:

Vix Reitano is the Founder + CEO of Agency 6B, a Forbes #Next1000 2021 Honoree, member of the Forbes Agency Council and an expert in marketing, advertising, social media, digital marketing and disruptive solutions for an evolving world. Reitano founded Agency 6B in 2015 as a six-figure business in six weeks after managing brands at ABC’s Live with Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan, Telepictures’ Bethenny Frankel Show and NBC’s The Meredith Vieira Show.

Dubbed Vix the Fix, Reitano is an International Speaker, Published Author, prolific Contributor to online publications of all kinds, and is proud to be a Keap Ignition Partner as well as a Society of Professional Journalists Google News Initiative trainer. Additionally, Reitano has a business coaching practice with a monthly membership program and a VIP mastermind for solopreneurs ready to accelerate their success.

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