Episode #59. For most of us, our websites are not the business. Our websites are the door to the business and what we’re really selling. So how do we create websites that sell our stuff? Sam Munoz is here to share her web development expertise.

In our conversation, Sam shares her journey of resisting her natural skills in development to start a creative business then ultimately getting a day job and then starting the web development business she runs now. Besides her insightful story, Sam also shares tons of actionable tips on making your website convert your ideal clients. Tune in now!

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Sam’s story of fighting against her naturally analytical mind to starting a tech-oriented biz
  • The one thing your website really needs to do (and it’s not looking pretty)
  • Sam’s favorite tool for delivering a primary call to action on your website
  • How to leverage the fact that your about page is the most visited web page on your site
  • Why adding FAQs to your contact page will save you loads of time
  • The simplest next step for someone selling done-for-you (and how Sam did it!)
  • How Sam keeps her projects from becoming super custom and limits scope creep

Getting on a call with a client is the primary call to action on my website because that's the easiest way to convert a client for me.

Favorite Quotes

“Getting on a call with a client is the primary call to action on my website because that’s the easiest way to convert a client for me.”

“When I stop making myself not do the thing I’m good at, I get into such a flow.”

“I make every business decision from a place of really understanding the vision and intentionality.

More About Sam:

Sam is a WordPress tech wizard & the creator of the Effortless Website Kits. After receiving a B.S. in General Engineering & exploring many passions, her heart and mind aligned to use her degree and experience unconventionally – through sustainable web development. Sam & her team build incredible websites and membership sites for high-performing clients. She empowers business owners (both the technically inclined and not) to use their website to convert visitors into customers.

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