Episode #170. How should we be thinking about social media as algorithms and apps constantly change? Andréa Jones is a social media expert helping passion-led business owners use social media as a tool to grow their business. I could jam about social media with Andréa all day, but instead we got to the nitty-gritty of what you really want to know. How is social media changing? What’s the best way for us to show up? How often does it make sense to talk about the social issues we really care about? Find out all these social media insights and more in this jam-packed episode!

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How to show up on social media in a way that fits your business
  • The key content piece to understanding engagement 
  • Helpful habits to create shareable content every week
  • Why you don’t have to stress out about Instagram Reels
  • How often you might talk about current events and social issues 
  • What Andréa does to set healthy social media boundaries
There are so many opportunities to just keep doing what you're doing without having to point or dance on Instagram Reels.

Favorite Quotes

“The challenge with social media is that it is so public, we can see what everyone else is doing. As business owners, we start comparing ourselves to other people like, ‘Oh, I should be on Tik Tok now,’ or ‘I should start a clubhouse room,’ or ‘I should create a YouTube series.’”

“At the end of the day, the content that goes ‘viral’ or the content that does the best is the content where people go, ‘Oh, I have to share this with my bestie,’ or ‘I have to share this with somebody!’”

“There are so many opportunities to just keep doing what you’re doing without having to point or dance on Instagram Reels.”

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Andréa Jones is fiercely committed to helping businesses and podcasters build profitable online communities through simple social media solutions. She’s the host of the Savvy Social Podcast, creator of the Savvy Social School, a digital platform designed to teach its 100+ members (predominantly small business owners) how to implement organic social media strategies, and named one of Social Report’s top marketers to follow.

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