Episode #64. Are you guilty of overthinking? Melody Wilding knows how it is with high achievers who keep getting in their own way with versions of overthinking like self-doubt and impostor syndrome. In fact, Melody helps entrepreneurs channel their ambition and sensitivity to advance in their careers without sacrificing inner peace.

In our conversation, Melody shares how she gained clarity to evolve her business, the tips and tricks she uses to write for big-name publications, and insightful keys into beating your overthinking habit. Get those headphones ready because you are going to love this one!

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How Melody realized she needed to change her ideal client persona
  • What being a Highly Sensitive Person meant for Melody’s business
  • How Melody leverages her writing ability to grow her income
  • The snowball effect of leveraging media into more and more opportunities
  • Why you need to consider reposting your articles on Medium
  • What channels require original articles and where you can repost
  • The key part of your content that needs to change when you repost a blog
  • The many ways you may be overthinking your business and how to stop!

For anyone who feels like none of this makes sense, keep going and the pieces will come together.

Favorite Quotes:

“For anyone who feels like none of this makes sense, keep going and the pieces will come together.”

“We can get so caught up in trying to optimize that we overlook the larger goal.”

“What would it look like if this were easy?”

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More About Melody:

Melody Wilding is a licensed social worker and coach who helps sensitive high achievers master the mental and emotional aspects of striving for a successful career and a balanced life. Her clients are CEOs, startup founders, and top performers at companies like Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Netflix, IBM, and HBO. Melody has been featured in The New York Times, Oprah Magazine, Fast Company, and dozens of other media outlets. She writes for Forbes, Inc., Business Insider and Quartz.

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