Episode #174. There is so much opportunity for selling in Instagram DMs, but at the same time, we’ve all had those really sleazy, spammy sales attempts in our own inboxes. How do we utilize DMs as a sales tool without coming off the wrong way? Victoria Boyd is the queen of this fascinating tactic and she’s here to share her secrets! Listen now to learn how to get your audience to actually welcome you in their DMs and the keys to pivoting a conversation into a sale.  

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • The secret to selling in Instagram DMs without being sleazy
  • Tips to getting welcomed into your audience’s DMs  
  • How to get out of the friendzone and into sales on IG
  • The secret hack to finding ideal customers to DM
  • Why voice memos can increase your engagement productivity
  • How to go for the sale in a natural way all in your DMs!
There's not the pressure of a sales call in your DMs. There's not the professionalism, so to speak. It’s welcoming, warm, and casual.

Favorite Quotes

“There’s not the pressure of a sales call in your DMs. There’s not the professionalism, so to speak. It’s welcoming, warm, and casual.”

“I actually believe it’s okay to give away your best stuff on Instagram Stories because it’s only there for 24 hours. Give it away, help people, make a difference in their lives and they’ll come back to you again and again.” 

“Don’t be afraid to pivot and pitch. That’s where a lot of people drop off. They build amazing rapport, great friendships with their people, but they never actually bring it to business.”

More About Victoria:

Ready to make money in your DMs and make your sales go boom? Victoria Boyd is the marketing strategist and DM selling expert you need if you’re a service-based entrepreneur ready to explode your business.

With a Masters in Internet Marketing and over 7 years of digital marketing experience as a social media strategist and manager, she has helped clients at every stage of business scale their online presence. Victoria is also a successful coach and course creator who has multiple online education opportunities under her belt, including the Sell In Your DMs Playbook, Make It Marketable, Services That Sell, and personalized coaching.

Her specialty? Helping you craft strategic messaging that speaks directly to your dream clients so you can scale your business and close sales from the comfort of your DMs, without the sleazy tactics. She’ll guide you on how to tie all of your marketing together so you can generate leads, get your brand seen, make sales, and have fun working on your business instead of in it.

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