Episode #115. As we change and evolve as people, it makes sense that eventually our businesses are going to change and evolve too. In this episode, I’m going to introduce you to your brand evolution guide, Natalie Sisson. While you might remember her as the Suitcase Entrepreneur, Natalie has transformed to another level both inside and out. From Natalie’s inspiring story of inner and outer change, you’ll learn the keys to determining what you love about your business and how to bring an audience along for your journey of reinvention.


In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How to explore and rediscover what you love about your business
  • What one thing should be consistent throughout business change
  • The surprising way you’ll find a like-minded community
  • Why it’s a good thing to constantly reinvent yourself
  • How to make sure you’re in alignment with your business
  • Simple steps to begin evolving your brand

“We should just learn from Madonna. She constantly reinvents herself. It’s scary, but it’s a really good thing.”

Favorite Quotes:

“Let’s just wallow in this not knowing because even though it’s uncomfortable, we’ll go deeper and discover things we overlooked.”

“We should just learn from Madonna. She constantly reinvents herself. It’s scary, but it’s a really good thing.”

“My audience appreciated watching me metamorphosize right before their eyes because they’ve been on the journey with me and still want to be.”

More About Natalie:

Natalie Sisson is a New Zealand entrepreneur, author, speaker, host of the ‘Untapped’ podcast and triathlete. After ditching a successful corporate career and co-founding a technology company, Natalie decided to monetize her humble, 6-month old blog, The Suitcase Entrepreneur, into a multiple-six figure online education platform back in 2010.

In her efforts to continuously innovate, Natalie, the OG of digital nomads, has since turned that content and knowledge into 8 different revenue streams including digital products, courses, workshops, international retreats, and coaching. These days, she’s passionate about helping others leverage their unique set of skills, knowledge, and experience to earn a living and make an impact from anywhere, simply by being them.

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