Episode #164. Let’s dive into podcast guesting! This episode comes from a special IGTV recording with me and my friend and personal branding expert extraordinaire Phil Pallen. In this conversation, we get into the exciting areas of podcasts and podcast guesting. From how podcast guesting is a super efficient use of your time to perfecting podcast pitches, you’ll learn it all in this episode.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Why podcasting isn’t ‘just another’ to-do for your business
  • How being on a podcast can actually save you time creating content
  • Where to start with pitching yourself for other podcasts – even if you’re busy!
  • What kind of podcast pitches win attention and how to perfect yours
  • And more podcast guesting Q&A!

Favorite Quotes

“A podcast can be the domino for all of your goals. Because it’s not just content, right? It’s an authority platform, so it feels more significant.” 

“I want you to think of podcasts as stages. If you were asked to speak in an event with 50 of your ideal clients or customers, that’s a good opportunity. Now you have an opportunity to do that from your home.” 

“What better way to see what people are actually interested in around your area of expertise if you’re trying to refine your messaging. Because podcast hosts will ask you questions around your area of expertise. Every time I do an interview, I’m like, ‘Oh, I wouldn’t have thought about that.’”

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