Episode #83. Do you ever sit at your laptop and wish you were part of something more? Whether you dream of starting a movement or simply tapping into one, Natalie Franke is here to inspire you. As one of the founders of the Rising Tide Society, and the Head of Community at HoneyBook, Natalie has all the know-how on building and leading a community.

It’s time to spark your creative juices! Tune in to this episode and learn how to grow your community, be a valuable part of a community and so much more.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • The number one reason the Rising Tide community grew like bonkers
  • How to switch from solopreneur to CEO mindset and why it’s so important!
  • Why and when you might want to join forces with another corporation
  • How to utilize the snowflake model in any kind of community
  • What you can do to rise in leadership of a community using your gifts
  • Unique ways you can become a valuable part of a movement
  • How to manage a personal brand and a community brand

I know we're competitors, but for just a moment can we look at each other as a community?

Favorite Quotes:

“I know we’re competitors, but for just a moment can we look at each other as a community?”

“When you make a mistake, you can look at it as a failure or as constant learning.”

“Before you can be loved globally, you need to be known locally.”

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More About Natalie:

Natalie Franke Hayes is an entrepreneur, mobilization marketer, community builder, and neuroscience nerd.

As one of the Founders of the Rising Tide Society and the Head of Community at HoneyBook, she leads tens of thousands of creatives and small business owners while fostering a spirit of community over competition around the world.

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