Episode #157. How do you craft a message that the media and your audience wants to hear – especially if you aren’t sure what that message is? Lynya Floyd is the Senior Media Coach for Team Selena Soo and an incredible journalist herself. She knows that entrepreneurs can struggle to be heard among all the competition and that media is a powerful tool to step out of the crowd and get attention from potential clients. Listen now to narrow in on a message that you and the media will respond to and share!

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How Lynya got started breaking down the barrier between entrepreneurs and the media
  • What you can do if you feel like you have no message to share
  • What you need to put together in the pre-pitch stage to formulate a strong message
  • How to decide between broad and niche topics when it comes to your pitch 
  • Where you’re going wrong with your bio and what journalists really want
  • Why you might need distance from your story before you’re able to share it
  • And more of Lynya’s actionable tips on creating and sharing your message!

Favorite Quotes:

“If you are an entrepreneur, you definitely have a message to share. You just haven’t given yourself the time and the space to come up with that content and then to really own that content.”

“If you really think that you don’t have a message, read some other stories. Go to some of your favorite sites and read some stories. You’ll think to yourself, ‘Oh, I would have said that differently.’ Or you’ll say, ‘Oh, you know what they should have talked about in this story…’ Or ‘Oh, I totally disagree with this. I would never advise somebody to do that.’ Those are your story ideas. You just start thinking of them that way.” 

“‘How am I going to help someone by sharing my journey?’ Coming from that place of service, you are going to be able to craft something that is going to be incredibly impactful, and hopefully exponentially impactful with its outreach.”

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More About Lynya:

Lynya Floyd is the senior media coach for Selena Soo’s Impacting Millions program, where she works with entrepreneurs, coaches and experts who want to elevate their status using the power of the media. She has helped clients land stories in media outlets like Forbes, Fast Company, Entrepreneur on Fire and more. Lynya has nearly two decades of experience working in the media as an editor at magazines including Glamour, Essence, Family Circle, Seventeen. As a journalist, her articles have appeared in national publications like Money, Prevention, Cosmopolitan and Parents. She has also been featured as a health expert on The Today Show, The Dr. Oz Show, The Doctors, FOX, NPR and more. When she’s not helping her clients put a megaphone to their message, she’s ghostwriting books and working as a nationally certified integrative health coach in New York City.

More About Lynya: