Episode # 180. In the online marketing space, you likely have seen a lot of people preaching about doubling your rates – and doubling them again. And that sounds good and all, but the question is how. How do we actually do this? There’s a lot that goes into raising or doubling your rates. Do you do exactly what you’re doing now and just raise your rates? Can you really charge that much? In this episode, I talk about the mindset that goes into doing just that. Are we shifting our offers? How do we get our mindset in alignment with that? What exactly does it take to implement that strategy of doubling our rates? Listen now!

Favorite Quotes

“You need to figure out what’s going on in your head that’s holding you back because it’s not just about the strategy.”

“When it comes to your offer, do you believe that the way that offer is positioned is in alignment with how much you want to charge for it?”

“The key is your clients trusting you, your process, your offer, how you’re going to get them those results.”

Show Transcript: