Episode #187. When is the right time to take a big leap in your business? Whether it’s quitting your full-time job and jumping into your own business or making a huge pivot in what your business offers, figuring out the right move can leave you paralyzed. In this on-air coaching call, you’ll learn some of my best tips for making a big move as I talk with Alli Williams of FinanciALLI Focused. We get into the numbers you need to know before a big change AND the mindset of what you want your life to look like once you take the leap. Feel a big shift coming your way? Listen to this episode and you’ll have a headstart breaking free of analysis paralysis and a clear plan of action.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How to find decision clarity when there’s pressure to go all in
  • The key to balancing mindset and strategy in decision-making
  • How to bring more excitement into making a big leap 
  • The dream week exercise to help you visualize your next shift
  • Tricks to easing a strategic brain into making a hard decision
  • Why you need the mindset shift of seeking more rather than less
  • How to ease the transition of quitting a job by giving yourself a paycheck
It's important to know, not just what you want to be doing, but how you want to be feeling.

Favorite Quotes

“It’s important to know, not just what you want to be doing, but how you want to be feeling.”

“This conversation isn’t just strategic and it isn’t just mindset. You need to have that strategic element, but also, if you’re just looking at the numbers, you’re discounting the real emotions at play.”

“There’s so much power in being able to do what you want and embracing that. I don’t want you putting limits on yourself for what you’re able to do or what you’re allowed to dream about, you’re not looking at the full picture either. ”

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More About Alli:

Alli is the founder and CEO of FinanciALLI Focused, a financial literacy company helping people create a flexible financial plan they can actually stick to (no deprivation here). She has helped hundreds of people pay off debt, build savings, spend on what they value, invest, and feel confident with their finances. She paid off over six figures of debt while still saving, investing, and buying season football tickets.

Alli’s work has been featured on Business Insider, Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, GVL Today, Cola Today, WSPA 7 News, and more. Alli has her MBA in Finance and lives in South Carolina with her husband and son. She spends her time at football games (Go Gamecocks!) and with a Starbucks latte in her hand. 

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