Episode #111. Not used to having your whole family at home? With so many of us in close quarters in this time of uncertainty and stress, a lot of emotions are probably coming up. When we don’t have a lot of time to ourselves and can’t get to the normal habits that keep us happy, communication and having good relationships become even more important. 

Whether you have great relationships or deal with more tension in your home, you’ll learn how to navigate these quarantine challenges with communication. From getting your work done amongst the chaos to having tricky conversations with loved ones, you’ll be able to determine a strategic plan of action thanks to relationship expert Debra M. Roberts.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How to approach annoying problems in a productive way
  • The keys to diffusing tension within your household
  • What to do when you aren’t sure if a conversation is going to go well
  • How to avoid contention before it comes to an argument
  • Why discovering ‘old’ triggers will help you deal with new problems
  • How to direct yourself and others away from complaining
  • What to bring into your business conversations right now

Favorite Quotes:

“We are all in tight quarters. The more you can take a breath and put it in perspective, the better.”

“We have to all take responsibility for who we are in our relationships.”

“The more important the relationship is to you, the more important it is that you connect with the other person’s experience.”

More About Debra:

Debra has helped transform hundreds of relationships in a short period of time using the Relationship Protocol (RP). Her RP method: she teaches people how to talk to each other so they can feel more comfortable and confident communicating.

She has always been someone who wants to help others. As a teenager, Debra called a drug abuse hotline on behalf of a close friend, and the hotline worker was so helpful. From then on she knew that she wanted to be that helping person for other people.

In her first 20 years as a social worker, Debra worked in nonprofits and had frontline experience working with troubled youth, poverty legal services, a mental health clinic and more.

Her skills were constantly put to the test having to assess situations quickly in challenging, often crisis-oriented settings. She then learned that communication shapes relationships.

Her 25+ years in private practice working with relationships and consulting with business owners has been derived from that premise. That’s why Debra’s RP model, with its practical communication tools – is unique and powerful.

Debra wrote the book, The Relationship Protocol, because, she believes that “If you give someone helpful tools for communicating, you’re not only going to improve their relationships, but you’ll change their life for the better.”

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