Episode #219. How *do* you build an online community from scratch? Or once you have a community, how do you keep them engaged? And what if engagement dies down – can you revive it? 

Our guest today, Jordynn Wynn, has built an incredible community in an unexpected niche, and she is here to take us behind the scenes of her 8-figure business to show us how it’s done! 

What’s the niche? Jordynn is the cofounder of Insert Name Here, an LA-based premium hair extension brand, offering high-quality pieces at an affordable price point. 

You don’t think hair extensions and hyper-engaged community – but it’s the driving force behind their viral multi-million dollar business! 

And the best part – Jordynn’s implementable strategies for growing an engaged community would work for pretty much any industry or niche! 

This is the part where I feel like I should make a just-for-men joke… 

Listen, sometimes I daydream about having a closet app like in Clueless- and maybe eventually a Moire Rose wig wall! (Shoutout to my fellow Schitt’s Creek fans!) 

I traded in my real bangs for clip-in bangs a month into the pandemic. (Cutting my own bangs was NOT an option! lol) 

And for the past few weeks I’ve been rockin’ (and loving!) the Zooey bangs from INH in dark brown! Thinking about bangs, extensions, or a clip-in pony for yourself? 

Check out their website and get a 20% discount when you use code: JACLYN20.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • An alternative strategy to position yourself (hint: you don’t have to be the ultimate expert!) 
  • How to get started growing a community online
  • What the ‘stickiness factor’ is and how to create it
  • How to revive a community when engagement dies off
  • What strategies, tactics, and systems INH use to continue to grow and nurture their community. 

Favorite Quotes

“Originally the brand was very heavy in experimentation transformation. But what we’ve realized with our product and our community is that hair can cause so much insecurity. Our products gave them so much confidence and this was life-changing.”

“We really leaned into the girl-next-door, like the older sister approach to hair instead of the pro approach. That was a big differentiator for us. We were learning a lot about hair purely because we were interested in it and we wanted to be exploring and experimenting.  And so we were sharing our learnings and passing it down in a very approachable way.”

“Humanizing the brand is a really important factor of stickiness. Loyalty to individual brands has lost out to experimentation and exploration. So any opportunity that you have to create a deeper connection, even just beyond product, sales, and revenue, is really important.”

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More About Jordynn:

Jordynn Wynn, the Co-Founder of Insert Name Here Hair, is a visionary entrepreneur whose expertise in brand-building and influencer marketing has turned a niche idea into a multi-million dollar business. Jordynn’s career began at ColourPop Cosmetics, where she helped concept and launch the brand, led collaborations with big names such as Disney and Sailor Moon, and rose from intern to Marketing Director. In 2018, Jordynn and ColourPop colleague Sharon Pak joined forces to found Insert Name Here Hair, an LA-based premium hair extension brand that offers high-quality pieces at an affordable price point. Their brand has revolutionized the way Millennials and Generation Z interact with hair extensions, accessories, and self-expression.

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