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Michele Caruana, on her main course and coaching platform, helps business owners launch and operate indoor playgrounds or family entertainment centers with more joy and ease through simple and streamlined systems, templates, processes, and training. She is also passionate about sharing her online business processes and marketing strategies with other industry experts looking to launch their own online courses or coaching platforms just as she has done with Profitable Play.

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Favorite Quotes

“It’s important to play to your size, use your small size as an advantage, but also be receptive to growth and say, “Okay, my business looks different now and that means that my relationship with my community needs to look a little bit different.” And that’s okay. We need to give ourselves permission to grow like that.”

“As business owners, a really important takeaway is that it’s okay if you put something out there and it doesn’t hit the way you expected the first time. But as long as you are receptive to that feedback, as long as it’s in a healthy way, and you still have those boundaries, if you listen to what your fans, or your audience, or your subscribers, or customers are saying, and make those changes, you can re-release content, you can pivot, you can change your strategy.”

“You are not just putting out content to put out content or creating courses and offers just for the sake of doing it. You need to be really intentional and strategic, and a lot of that comes from seeing what’s worked, and more importantly, what hasn’t worked for you in the past.”

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How Taylor Swift is a marketing mastermind
  • Taylor’s album launches and what you can learn from them as a business owner
  • Engaging with your business community but also set boundaries the Taylor Swift way
  • Being intentional with your merch, offers, sale, promotion, or customer incentives
  • Easter eggs in the business world
  • How to apply Taylor Swift’s strategies to your business

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