About Dara Sklar

Dara Sklar is a lifelong entrepreneur. No, really – from selling kisses to her parents at six years old, to becoming self-employed at twenty-six – Dara has been through a lot! You may know her as the Google Guru, with over 3500 students in her wildly popular course “Get Productive with G Suite”.

And with all that perspective and experience, it’s no wonder she loves to help other small business owners get and stay organized so they can run more efficiently, using the Google suite of Tools they already know, love, and are (probably already) paying for!

She’s also the friend you call for tech help – excited to jump in and show you time-saving tips and hacks that you’ll wish you knew sooner.

When she’s not at her computer, you can find her on the squash court, mountain bike trails or ski hill… or sipping a good glass of wine or craft beer!

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Favorite Quotes

“There was no way I could have set my business up right the first time. And so I kind of had to roll with the punches. And then sometimes you get busy and things get messy. So my best piece of advice for people in that scenario is to just actually say, okay, who am I today? What are the needs of my business today?”

“One of my favorite things to do is to keep the inbox an action-oriented place. Meaning when there are emails in the inbox, it’s because I have to do something with them.”

“We need to keep it a little bit of a sacred space and ask: what’s the point of our businesses? Are we here to make money? Are we here to serve the world? We’re not necessarily here to consume or to read newsletters or whatever. Those can be secondary activities. And so the action-orientedness comes with anything that moves your business forward or serves the people that you’re here to serve.”

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Common mistakes when using Google
  • The beauty of data and storage
  • How to get rid of the visual clutter in your digital workspace
  • Using your Gmail inbox as a task for project management
  • Taking ownership of your inbox through labels and archiving
  • Having an overall business philosophy of what data and systems you need to take away, retain and absorb

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