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Veronica Romney is a Dream Team Architect who helps online entrepreneurs build their dream teams and train their rainmaking marketing leaders. She’s a former Speaker and Trainer for Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi and the former Chief of Staff of mega-brand BossBabe. She’s no stranger to the stage and has been in the online marketing world for over 15 years, having been featured in places like Forbes, Inc, HuffPost, ABC News Radio, and more. When she’s not helping her visionary clients scale to 8-figures plus, you can find her wrangling her two-man cubs in the beautiful oak trees of North Carolina.

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Favorite Quotes

“Most of the time we’re building still bottom to top because we’re all self-funded. So these CEOs start bringing in doers. It’s a lot of vendors, contractors, part-timers, assistants. When you start adding all of the knives to your knife set, somebody actually has to put them in a holster. And that’s where the CEO will feel the constraint. They’re like ‘I need to go be on stage and not have to worry about what’s happening behind the curtain.’ And that’s where you start to feel the tension. ”

“The rainmaker’s job is to convert $0 to $1. The rainmaker is not responsible for the product. ”

“If it’s not our zone of genius, we could outsource it to somebody else. But if you’re really serious about entrepreneurship, there are just certain lessons that you can’t shortcut and get away from learning. ”

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • The pain point of building a team around you that you trust
  • Knowing the two separate lanes of a business
  • When to be a customer-centric team, product-centric or revenue-centric
  • What a rainmaker’s job is
  • Ambitiously scaling your business

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