About Lacy

Lacy Boggs is a content strategist, author of the bestselling Kindle ebook, “Make a Killing With Content,” and the mastermind behind the “Ace Stone, Marketing Detective” podcast. As the director of The Content Direction Agency, she helps small business owners create and implement content marketing strategy that feels like a playground for ideas and results in deceptively powerful nurture content to create massive growth.

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Favorite Quotes

“There are so many more channels and so many more platforms that we are all expected to be on at any given time. And we’ve gotten into this weird place where marketers are starting to think that more is better, more is better, more is better. But more is not better. Better is better.”

“If collaboration brings joy to you, that’s where your brainstorm should start. How do you bring that essence and that energy of collaboration to something you want to do?”

“Often we think of marketing as a separate silo from the work we do in our business, but it doesn’t have to be. Guess what: there’s content there that somebody else can help you tease out. Everything is content.”

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How increasing visibility doesn’t involve adding more platforms and channels
  • Why working from a place of joy when creating content never fails
  • How to avoid silo-ing your marketing in your business
  • The challenges of organic social media traffic (and if it’s even still possible!)
  • How podcasts can be a discovery tool for your business
  • Why resonating with your audience is the best path forward

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