About Haley

Haley Burkhead is the creator of Recurring Profit where the mission is to bring a simple and automated approach to online businesses all over the world. She quit her job with $12 and turned that into a multi-million dollar company where her team and her help scale online course and membership sites.

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Favorite Quotes

“What if we could access audiences that someone has already built online? And then we have built our sales machine so strong to convert cold people that have never met you before. Awesome.”

“Who wants to sit on a weekly newsletter? Let’s be honest. We’re tired of that beat-around-the-bush way. We are not really doing the three-month warmup and then live launch because it’s inconvenient for people.”

“A podcast is like an Instagram account. Even when you’re not posting, it’s a valuable resource that people can binge in one sitting. You’re creating it once and it’s working forever instead of you having to create something new every week.”

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How to turn your knowledge and skill into a consistent monthly income
  • Debunking the beliefs that are holding you back from building your audience and business
  • Which stage of your sales funnel creates a profit-stacking effect
  • Podcasting as a binge-able, valuable commodity
  • How to avoid the endless loop of content creation

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