About Sophia

Sophia is a social media strategist with a proven record for increasing a brand’s following, engagement, and reach.

Her clients have tripled attendance at their free events, gone from 800 followers to 50k followers, increased opportunities for podcasts, magazines and even TV features, and at the top of 2020, one of her clients had a 6 figure launch from her Direct Messages…

She’s also the creator of the online subscription, WHAT THE HECK TO POST, where she helps members stop falling victim to the algorithm and was most recently seen talkin’ DM strategy on Forbes.

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Favorite Quotes

“There’s a lot of messaging that says content is king. right. And this is why where burnout comes from. We’re showing up every single day to pump out a bunch of different content. But what we are forgetting is without the relationship, without someone feeling comfortable enough to talk to you,  your conversion rate after a period is going to start to dip.”

“The job of the algorithm is to keep someone on the platform as long as possible. That’s why the algorithm exists.  It serves people content based on what they’ve shown interest in.”

“So much of the content and how we’re leveraging the algorithm – not all of it is measurable. Loosen up. Don’t take your engagement personally because there’s a lot that you’re not even aware of.”

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • A fresh perspective on social media
  • Getting to know your followers better through your posts
  • The relationship between the algorithm and relationships with your audience
  • Why you shouldn’t obsess with engagement stats
  • Using your branded language without over-commoditizing what you do
  • Discovering where to get active conversions

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