About Jaime

Jaime Slutzky is an experienced and knowledgeable online technology strategist who works with music teachers who have caps on their income or time to create scalable online products and services.

With her degree in Computer Science, 11+ years in corporate IT, and over a decade supporting online businesses, she has the expertise, insight, and grit to help music teachers take what they do in private lessons and create online courses, programs, workshops, and memberships.

After about 8 years of working with anyone who wanted to hire her, she chose to work exclusively with music teachers because of the opportunities that they offer their students. As she says, she is in awe and inspired by music educators’ creativity and dedication to their craft.

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Favorite Quotes

“The zone of genius is where the skillset and passions collide.”

“When niching, you really should be clear on who you’re serving and how you’re serving them. It can be you’re niching your expertise or you’re niching who you are selling to. The best and fastest results are if you niche both of those down. “

“There are a lot of people who are passionate about making money and that is their driving force. And I swear those businesses are the flash-in-the-pan type businesses. They’re not sustainable in the long run. You gotta go deeper. You gotta understand the person that you’re making an impact on.”

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • What earning passive income really means
  • How to niche down the right way
  • The two components that make the zone of genius
  • Why passion should be the driving force, not just profit
  • How zone of genius and business model are two totally different things
  • Defining passion through the success of your clients or students

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